Collaborative R&D with tertiary institutions

Amberg-Weiden University of Applied Sciences

Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences

Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences

Technical University of Munich, Freising Campus

Product development for all industry sectors


3D printing

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3D printed small run items

3D printed plastic injection molds

Using 3D printed injection molds made from photopolymers, it is possible to produce parts molded from the series-production material for product feasibility testing purposes during the prototyping phase. This can reduce costs and significantly shorten the product development cycle.

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Clean room manufacturing

Class 10K clean room – 100 m²

Class 100K clean room – 600 m²

In-house mold making

New molds

Optimization of the mold and hot runners

Repairs up to 15 tonne

Development of mold technologies

In-house special-purpose machine workshop

Development/design and construction of special-purpose machines

Injection molding

Multi-component injection molding – 2-6 components

Multi-color injection molding

Hard/soft injection molding

Gas injection molding

Induction heating for weld line free surfaces

Magnetic injection molding

Metal insert molding

Cascade injection molding

Labeling: internal/external – IMD process

Molded interconnection devices (MID) process

Injection blow molding (IBM)

Two-step process – using multicomponent preform

Single-step process – multicomponent IBM


Flatbed coating machine for piano lacquer 

Spindle coating machine

Manual coating machine

Innocoating (liquid metal)

we coat:

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • at baking temperatures up to 80°C

we coat using:

  • Solvent-based lacquers
  • Water-based lacquers
  • UV lacquers
Surface finishing

Pad printing

Screen printing: flatbed + cylindrical

Hot stamping

Laser engraving


Ultrasonic welding

Laser welding

UV bonding (residue-free)

Hot caulking


Laser cutting


also as service provider

in Czech Republic




Large runs

Small runs