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SCA: Cardiac massage? Be part of the chain of survival!

Cardio First Angel - The lifesaver after a heart attack. Especially designed for laymen! For a correct and efficient initial treatment.

Ideal applicability

Without any electricity or battery – purely mechanically – is the Cardio First Angel always on standby. Its applicability is shown in uncomplicated and international comprehensible icons.
Size: 11,5 x 5,0 x 15,5 (w x h x d)
Weight: 140 g.

Ideal positioning

The specific design of the Cardio First Angel guarantees the correct positioning on the patients breast, so the cardiac massage works exactly where it is needed. A special foam creates a soft contact surface and absorbs sudor.

Ideal effort

A special spring signalises the perfect pressure of 41 kg with a clear click-sound. The click-sound is also audible with the following release of the spring. If the first-aider is geared to these two click-sounds he will automatically reach the required frequency of round about 100 - 120 compressions per minute.

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more details

Cardio First Angel – The first feedback system for a cardiac massage Every second counts during a heart attack!
When the heart stops beating, the brain will not be supplied with oxygen and suffer a damage beyond repair - unless, the patient gets a correct cardiac massage. Many times we waste precious time without or false done reanimation attempts, until the emergency doctor arrives. But the unnecessary shyness or small medical knowledge will be a thing of the past: This is where the Cardio First Angel comes into play. With this device each laymen is able to do a fast and efficient cardiac massage – without any risk of a fatal mistake.

Many first aiders don`t find the correct position for a cardiac massage. With the Cardio First Angel everyone is able to find the correct position for an effective massage. The device has to be positioned in the middle of the chest bone. A picture on the press button shows this position and the position of the hands. But how hard to press? Here the Cardio First Angel ensures safety as well. If the user presses strong enough, he can feel and hear a loud “click” sound of a special spring. When the pressure is reduced, there is a further “clack” sound which is the signal to press again. The change between the both “click” sounds helps the lifesaver to find the correct rhythm.

So you can bridge time with the Cardio First Angel, the angel of the first minute, until the emergency doctor arrives. Only in Europe there are 700.000 heart attacks every year; worldwide even 30 million. Could everybody have the Cardio First Angel within one to three minutes on hand, many human lives could be saved and patients be protected from long-term damage.

Why wait any longer? Every life counts!

The Cardio First Angel was developed in cooperation between Prof. Dr. Christian Hagl, the heart specialist und Director of the Herzchirurgischen Klinik und Poliklinik at Klinikum der Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität and Inotech Group.

The Cardio First Angel is a medical device of class 1, DIMDI, DE/CA64/128442/01, GMDN 60841, CE

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